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Breaking news !!!

What is happening with the poultry and milk quota in Canada ?

Have you been watching the news recently about the Trans Pacific Partnership and supply management in Canada? What is the trans Pacific partnership? It is a trading zone of many nations around the Pacific rim (see list of nations at bottom of page) who are joined together in a new trading partnership. Canada has applied to join, but “supply management” quotas to us, both dairy and poultry, which protect our dairy and poultry farmers, are under attack. Quite rightly, we think that these ancient archaic regulations should be gone in 2015.

The other nations included in this TPP are requiring free access to our poultry and milk, and milk products, like cheese etc. as part of this free zone. We cannot have free trade with others in this group unless we allow free trade with Canada.

Obviously the quota holders are not too happy with the thought of giving up their protected markets and their guaranteed profits and no competition. What other business can have that protection?

We know from Europe that the two systems, the large industrial bird systems, and the free range and organic producers, exist quite happily together without quota protection. They are a completely different market, and each has it’s own market share .

We should like your input on what you think should happen to the quotas for poultry. We encourage you to send us your thoughts on this issue.

On a related topic. In Ontario they recently announced some “new incentives” for free range poultry growers. One is called “ the  local niche market scheme”

In this scheme, you are allowed to apply to join the programme if you have a niche market for the free range bird, and you want to grow over 6000 birds per year.

The application requires details of your farm, your markets etc. It recently opened for new applications. No where previously in the original announcement were any details of the actual scheme shown.

At last the details are out .. guess what .. to join you must first purchase quota .. if you want to grow 6000 birds the quota you buy has to be 1000 units. At the market rate that would be $132,000 .!!

They will not accept your application unless you apply for the quota.

This was a programme supposedly for non quota holders, why now do you have to buy quota to get in the programme? Where is this money going to?  This is brand new quota, not being transferred from any other quota holder, so is it going to the board? What a windfall if it is for the board.

So, to all you Ontario free range growers out there, what do you think about this?

Barbara Aaron
Editorial Director


Brian and Barbara Aaron Home of Nova Free Rangers, the  new European meat bird.

Brian and Barbara have been working with this bird since 1994 where they first introduced it into the Uk for free range production. Today 98% of all free range producers in the Uk use this bird or one of the breeds from the same genetic pool. For more information on our experience with this bird and detailed information on the bird visit our website @ www.novafreerangers.com

You can order day old chicks from our web site. We ship across Canada airport to airport where Westjet flies cargo.

On our own farm here in Canada, here we are again as Nova Free Rangers (click here to visit), introducing our bird, but now to the Canadian producer.

Because of our knowledge and experience with producing as Free Range Producers, this has led to the formation of Free Ranger Magazine.
We dedicate this magazine to ALL Canadian Free Range Producers. We encourage your input and your thoughts, and we extend our hands in friendship to those that produce sustainably, organically, naturally, and Free Range!
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