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Gobble up something different this Winter Season
Gobble up something different this Winter Season

Have you heard?  A company renowned in the UK for a fabulous tasting free range bronze turkey is now in the USA. Rave reviews and prestigious awards have been showered on this bird for the past 8 years in the UK.

Kelly bronze ,UK.  a family company , started  by a father and sons in the 1980’s , now commands a  major place in the Christmas turkey market in the Uk.

What  makes  this bird so special , and so delicious, that it is sought out by discerning buyers all over the country?

The origins are an old heritage turkey line that was saved from extinction by the Kelly family. The remaining breeding stock was brought to the UK, and so the story begins. The bird brought back the wonderful flavor and meat texture that was missing from the new modern white bird.

Enhanced by its outdoor lifestyle, the taste from it’s heritage ancestors is amazing.

Right from the very beginning, the Kelly family decided that this was going to be a free range bird, no indoor life would suit this bird. Ranging free and in the most natural of environments that they could find, they ran their flocks in forests and woodlands, just like the jungle fowl of past eras.

Today they still grow their birds the same way.  Kelly’s  also have a unique processing method. They dry pluck their birds, and hang them in cool chills for a few days to enhance the flavor.  This ensures a wonderful old fashioned turkey flavor.

Now you can get this bird in the USA

An enterprising couple, Judd and Carolyn Culver, in Virginia have partnered with Kelly Bronze  UK and are producing birds for the Thanksgiving and Christmas market. Using the same production guidelines as the Uk  company, and free ranging all birds, these are sure to be a big hit this year with discerning turkey lovers.

Go online to view their informative website, and order your bird. At KellyTurkeys.com .

Canadians wishing to get their hands on this  bird  may have to wait for another year… but we are sure they will be here for us all to enjoy in the near future.

The Best Way to Carve a Turkey | DJBBQ & Paul Kelly

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