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Welcome to Free Ranger Magazine - Canada!
by Barbara Aaron
Editorial Director

Free Ranger Magazine has been diligently crafted and assembled to address the needs of the Canadian Free Range Producer. Here at  Free Ranger Magazine, we aspire to build a community of like minded producers across the country, helping to champion and build awareness of our sustainable and humane production practices.

My husband Brian and myself (Barbara), as long term free range poultry producers (UK,USA and Canada), have seen the need for a Canadian Ag publication that mainly supports the sustainable, local, Free Range Producer.

Our experience within our 25 years has been extensive with free range poultry. In 1994 we introduced a new European meat bird into the UK to replace the white industrial bird that was used extensively at that time. Our new bird was designed for outdoor free range production, and since it was derived from old heritage stock, it had the hardiness and ranging traits of it’s ancestors. Growing more slowly than the industrial bird, the flavor and texture  of the meat was enhanced by the length of time on the ground.

In the UK, we had breeding flocks, and a dedicated hatchery, and sold day old chicks across the country. We set up and managed grower groups for processors, both Organic and free range, and were involved in the construction of two processing plants. In face, our experience ranged from "egg to plate".

When we returned to Canada we wished to introduce our same bird, but the quota regulations were restrictive. So, in 2005, we introduced our bird, known as Freedom Rangers, into the USA.

We sold chicks across the country east to west. To this date, the Freedom Ranger bird is known Nation wide.
Today, both in the UK and in the U.S., the same bird, and some of the others in the same genetic pool, are used extensively in free range and organic production systems.

Due to a family tragedy, we ceased trading in the US, but the business was carried on under the same name by a new owner, and is now well recognized as the "Bird for Free Range" production.

Jump To 2016

On our own farm here in Canada, here we are again as Nova Free Rangers, introducing our bird, but now to the Canadian producer.

Because of our knowledge and experience with producing as Free Range Producers, this has led to the formation of Free Ranger Magazine.
We dedicate this magazine to ALL Canadian Free Range Producers. We encourage your input and your thoughts, and we extend our hands in friendship to those that produce sustainably, organically, naturally, and Free Range!
We hope you enjoy Free Ranger Magazine - Canada!

Barbara Aaron
Editorial Director


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