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Hi Folks,

Barbara and Brian Aaron own and operate their specialist broiler breeder company from their farm in Rhodes Corner, Nova Scotia. They will sell and ship day-old chicks across Canada from their European breeder flock. They offer producers the choice of an alternative bird ideally suited to outdoor free-range production systems, both natural and organic.

Originally from Britain, Barbara and Brian have many years’ experience in breeding, hatching, and rearing both natural and organic poultry in Britain and North America. They successfully established and controlled two producer groups in Britain that sold birds to a major organic processor. These birds went into all the major grocery chains in the UK. Brian and Barbara were instrumental in establishing the coloured broilers in the UK, where today they are the ‘bird of choice’ for all outdoor producers.


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Barbara & Brian Aaron

Babes At Bolinbrook

Hatchery Chicks

Nova Brown

Delicious Roasted Nova Brown


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